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Dispersing and Mixing

Mobile Vessel Dissolvers

Energy saving, incresed automation and elevated flexibility for all production needs

Dynamix mobile vessel dissolvers are designed to operate in industrial critical conditions thanks to their quality. Special design top cover for easy maintenance. Complete family range for every need from 2,2 kW to 132 kW, from single to double shaft.

High-speed single shaft mobile vessel dissolver

Dynamix DC

Low-speed single shaft mobile vessel dissolver

Double shaft mobile
vessel dissolver

Stationary Mixer Dissolvers

High quality and reliability to operate in industrial critical conditions

Dynamix stationary mixer dissolvers are produced in varoius models with different power ranging from 22 kW to 250 kW. Equipped with single, double or triple shaft, they are the best choice in terms of reliability, efficiency and top quality/price level. The cycle operations takes place inside fixed tanks on a platform or positioned on the ground through support legs, with a maximum batch of 13,000 lt.

This configuration enables perfect line up with the structural and operational specifications of the most modern production layouts, a fundamental requirement for the complete automation of industrial processes and in compliance with the latest 4.0 standards.

Single shaft stationary dissolver

Double shaft stationary dissolver

Triple shaft stationary dissolver

In-line Dissolvers

4.0 high efficiency manufacturing

In line dissolvers are high-tech continuous dispersing equipment working on rotor-stator principle. They process the product using a curculation method and offer an easy integration wither in processes for homogeneous distribution of solid particles in liquid (dispersion), either of liwuid in liquid (emulsion). They guarantee a high level of product homogenisation thanks to the high shearing forces inside the machine.

Two models available:

High-tech in-line dissolvers

Production unit


High-tech in-line lab and small batches dissolvers

Laboratory unit from 7 to 25 liters batches

Mixing and Kneading

Free-standing and wall-mounted agitators, horizontal kneader mixers

Energix AP

Free-standing agitators

Energix AP agitators are robust machines for low density and low viscosity liquid products mixing, configurable with self-supporting foot or wheels.

Energix ADP

Free-standing agitators-dispersers

Energix ADP agitators-dissolvers are sturdy machines equipped with a self-supporting foot, suitable for mixing low density and low viscosity products.

Energix ADM

Wall-mounted agitators-dispersers

Energix ADP agitators-dissolvers are sturdy and easy to maintain machines fixed to the wall, suitable for mixing low density and low viscosity paints and coatings.


Horizontal kneader mixer

Engineered for plasters and stucco, cleaning and abrasives plastes, fillers, sealants and bituminous products, it is equipped with a mixing cylinder and a mixing blade with a long/short geometry for optimal homogenization.

4.0 Industry
& Supervision Software

Industry 4.0 configuration is guaranteed by a management software and customer management interface.

A PLC connected via industrial Ethernet network to all actuators, sensors and process devices and via Ethernet safety network to all safety devices allow the complete command and control of the system and the management of diagnostics, alarms and safety. The integrated use of all the devices and interfaces for the insertion and management of information allows to have a system constantly updated in real time and at the same time to archive and make the process statistics available to the KPI supervisor, in order to optimize all the variables involved in the production process, from time to raw material consumption, from energy consumption to the optimized management of production stops for cleaning and maintenance operations.

The system guarantees a remote assistance service to assist customers around the world on a 24/7 basis.