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Our Service Excellence
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Remote Support

Having detected the need to intervene, the Customer Service connects with the customer through Remote Assistance to analyze the problem and start the resolution. If the problem cannot be solved in this way, the Customer Service will provide the Customer with a new input for a possible solution.

Finally, where necessary, action will be taken on-site.

On-Site Support

In case of impossibility to solve the problem via telephone assistance and/or remote connection, we have a worldwide team which can intervene to solve the breakdown.

In case of a maintenance contract going on, we guarantee support from one of our specialized technicians at your premises within the shortest time.

Spare Parts

Thanks to high technology storage and reliability of selected suppliers, we are able to guarantee a complete and reliable service and ensure easy and quick access to every necessary original spare part.

Maintenance Contracts

We provide different maintenance long-term contracts to perform a variety of different maintenance services, from general upkeep to specialized repairs, and prevent any breakdown through a specific prevention and planning policy.

Within our maintenance contracts, we offer scheduled preventive maintenance services including replacement of consumables, estimation of state of components, general verification of the proper functioning of the system and consolidation of personnel training.

Predictive Maintenance

Our Predictive Maintenance program enables end users to wirelessly predict issues and identify solutions, taking proactive steps before a problem manifests, avoiding maintenance interventions, downtimes and breakdowns and allowing faster access to replacement parts.

Our goal is to increase quality control, to ensure that the machine is regularly serviced which will increase its lifespan and improve its overall performance, and to reduce the annual maintenance cost without hampering the service level.