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We provide our customers with premium, innovation-based
solutions for Dispersing, Milling, Mixing and Filling.

Dispersing and Mixing

High-tech mobile vessel, stationary and in-line dissolvers, agitators and horizontal mixers

50 years experience in design, production and installation: thousands dispersers on field designed to operate in industrial critical conditions and characterized by reliability, efficiency and top quality/price level.


Ultra-fine submersible basket mills, continuous mills and dispersing mills

Outstanding ultra-fine and energy-efficient grinding machines for batch-type milling processes. Unique systems designed to optimize product circulation inside the vessel and taking care of different blow behaviours.


Smart and customized filing lines

Filling lines are tailored to each customer’s production needs, speed and accuracy requirements of product specifications. Flexible and smart solutions, they provide for a fully automatic process and always guarantee a high level of accuracy.

Laboratory Equipment

Dissolvers, agitators and mills for testing purposes

Auxiliary Equipment

Filtering units, cleaning machines and press-plate extruders