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Software & Automation - Comec Avantgarde Engineering

Software and Automation

In-house Software Programming

Through Factory Automation, it is possible to run any activity and plant operations remotely, boosting productivity and capturing extra-profit. This provides the operator with a new and simplified experience, which makes processes more streamlined and controlled.

DromontGroup in-House Software Department consists of internal programming engineers working on updating our software platform to the latest innovations as well as integrating our machines into the customer’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This department can customize the interface software to the customer’s exact needs, testing the software prior to installation and programming the software to communicate with the customer’s systems.

By using the very stable base platform of our software, we are able to create different options that will allow the customer to manage the entire plant.

Main features

  • Integrated lab & batch processing
  • Remote diagnosis & support
  • System architecture
  • Multiple PLC programming
  • Baseline and advanced automation
  • Complete plant process control

MISURA Equipment Software

Our software architecture is based on the latest generation Misura software which guarantees automated recipe management and continuous parameters supervision for a complete control of the plant.

This cutting-edge architecture allows for a unique server-centric organization, capable of coordinating and connecting several clients. Thanks to this, any client running the software may work independently still being part of the same ecosystem.

This also guarantees the flexibility of calculation, easiness of storage and saving data typical of a relational database in conjunction with the requirements of security and robustness of a typical automation software developed on a PLC. This is achieved by using a system that allows to save the configuration data and production statistics of the system and to exchange the necessary information in a secure and efficient way with the PLC data areas and then with automation software system.

Misura Equipment Sotware leverages the advantage of both centralized systems and distributed ones, by sharing the same underlying plant-related data and keeping HMI features on clients.

Major benefits

  • Reduce energy consumption and ecological footprint: thanks to digitalization and process control, the operator can monitor consumption, determine the responsible factors, improve the efficiency of the production plant as well as product quality
  • Increase productivity and reliability: the equipment of each machine and plant with internal PLC, intuitive human-machine interface and Ethernet connections guarantees complete and automated control of the production process, allowing continuous improvements to be introduced
  • Reduce maintenance costs up to 30%: the predictive maintenance tool allows our partners to accurately preict a possible failure and identify the most suitable assistance service, scheduling maintenance and reducing machine downtimes

4.0 Industry
& Supervision Software

Industry 4.0 configuration is guaranteed by a management software and customer management interface.

A PLC connected via industrial Ethernet network to all actuators, sensors and process devices and via Ethernet safety network to all safety devices allow the complete command and control of the system and the management of diagnostics, alarms and safety. The integrated use of all the devices and interfaces for the insertion and management of information allows to have a system constantly updated in real time and at the same time to archive and make the process statistics available to the KPI supervisor, in order to optimize all the variables involved in the production process, from time to raw material consumption, from energy consumption to the optimized management of production stops for cleaning and maintenance operations.

The system guarantees a remote assistance service to assist customers around the world on a 24/7 basis.