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Dual Force, the basket mill that performs its batch cycle in half time

Success stories

Case history: European Customer

We apply Dual Force on industrial coating, where margins are tight and time- and cost-savings are a must. Dual Force is very efficient compared to standard basket mills, it sets a new standard for the coating industry.

Case history: American Customer

Dual Force cut down our total cycle time to less than half, without experiencing higher temperature. Thanks to Dual Force we also saved 65% of energy consumption per batch, becoming more competitive and drastically improving our lead time to market.

Main advantages

Dual Force cuts cycle time by half and more compared to traditional basket mills

  • Milling time reduced 50% and over
  • Higher grinding power with less microbeads
  • Cleaning time: reduced to 5 minutes
  • Energy saving up to 40%
  • 4.0 hardware and software allow Predictive Maintenance and early Remote Diagnostics
  • State of the art Mechanical Design, high wear resistant grinding chamber with large surface cooling jacket
  • Totally Paperless: operated by portable tablet (also EX-PROOF version)
  • Extra Model Range from 100 till 2,000 liter vessel
Dual force