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Dual Force - Comec Avantgarde Engineering

Dual Force

Double working power immersion basket mill

Dual Force double working power immersion Basket Mills are outstanding energy-efficient and ultra-fine grinding machines.

This system is designed taking advantage of the double force of two independent engines with separate drives for grinding and mixing. The special design allows to optimize product circulation inside the vessel taking care of different flow behavior without changing the grinding maximum allowed speed.

Equipped with an energy-efficient grinding chamber and two lateral agitators, they can grind large batches up to 1500 lt and reduce total energy consumption, grinding time and the number of microspheres used compared to similar machines.

Main advantages

  • Innovative technology enabling industry 4.0 that optimizes business processes in terms of management time, costs and quality
  • Continuous process control thanks to internal PLC
  • Total integration with the production flow and the company ERP
  • Efficient recipe management, high product repeatability and reduction of production waste
  • Minimization of breakdowns and unwanted downtime by predictive maintenance indicators
  • Remote assistance for immediate customer support
  • Larger batches with low engine power (1000 L with 30 kW)
  • Processing products with a wide range of viscosities
  • Grinding time reduced by up to 50%
  • Simple mounting, easy to maintain and inspect
  • Fine grinding and narrow particle size distribution
  • Cleaning time reduced by 60%
  • Energy savings of up to 40%
  • 70% fewer microspheres
  • Coated grinding chamber for controlled temperature processing

Technical features

  • AISI 304 stainless steel supporting structure with anti-vibration reinforcements
  • High thickness base plate to fix the machine to the floor
  • Rectified and chromed steel telescopic head holder column
  • High thickness sheet metal head with anti-vibration reinforcements and pulley protection casings
  • Transmission by belt and pulleys
  • Hydraulic lifting unit with electric pump embedded in the command group
  • Head ascent stop with safety device
  • Shaft support with high performance ball bearings
  • AISI 304 stainless steel main grinding shaft
  • Two AISI 304 stainless steel lateral mixing shafts
  • Two AISI 304 stainless steel mixing impellers
  • Efficient cooling cavities without hot spots
  • Product temperature control sensor inside the grinding chamber
  • Wear-resistant electro-weed mesh milling chamber with different peg impellers
  • Electronic speed variation with inverter
  • Also available in ATEX version
  • Vessel locking system:
      • Adjustable belt: characterized by a support with adjustable saddles and tensioning ratchet. Possibility of fixing containers with different diameters
      • Fast Clamping: characterized by easy entering of the vessel, fast locking and high resistance to lateral loads. Manual locking clamps with safety micro-contact for machine start only when the container is blocked

4.0 Industry

Industry 4.0 configuration is guaranteed by a management software and customer management interface.

For Industry 4.0 Ready installations we provide internal PLC for industrial process control, intuitive operator touch interface and Ethernet connections

For customers choosing Industry 4.0 Optional installation, we provide:

  • Wi-Fi Operator control panel
  • Router for remote assistance
  • Latest generation Misura software which includes Predictive Maintenance indicators, OEE indicators, panel with digital pointers and Software interface with customer Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

Technical data


Paints, car finishing, inks

Colored and concentrated pastes, pigments for tannery

Plastic materials, gelcoats

Food products, agrochemicals

Cosmetic products

Dual Force Success Stories

Case history: American Customer

“Dual Force cut down our total cycle time to less than half, without experiencing higher temperature.
Thanks to Dual Force we also saved 65% of energy consumption per batch, becoming more competitive and drastically improving our lead time to market”.

Case history: European Customer

“We apply Dual Force on industrial coating, where margins are tight and time- and cost-savings are a must. Dual Force is very efficient compared to standard basket mills, it sets a new standard for the coating industry”.