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The Comec Redline Production way - Comec Avantgarde Engineering

The Comec Redline Production way

The Redline represents a new production approach that is based on Lean manufacturing, it servs to guarantee a higher customer satisfaction and help us improving trust with our customers.

Comec offers incredibly efficient automated dispersing and milling solutions that will optimize your key processes increasing your productivity and quality by customizable process programming.

Our dissolvers and mixers ensure the automation and digitalization of the processes and optimize the entire production improving quality, times, and costs. (Time: delivery / costs: maintenance) and guaranteeing a complete and automated control of your production process, with continuous improvements to be introduced.

  • Digitalization and process control.
  • Major safety in the workplace.
  • Minimization of the environmental consumption.

Our Innovative Technologies are designed to minimize environmental impact and reduce waste generation and energy consumption. Our eco-friendly solutions allow containment of solvent fumes and dust. Noise emissions are also reduced to a safe decibel level for your operators.

The choice to adopt green solutions also benefits the quality of the product preventing them from bacterial contamination and deterioration thanks to high performance cleaning and hygienic.

The Redline represents a new production approach that is based on Lean manufacturing, it servs to guarantee a higher customer satisfaction and help us improving trust with our customers.

  1. The process changed from layout by department, to layout by islands. These islands have been studied and engineered with elevating platforms to improve operator safety.
  2. Each production island has a workstation with his own PC and connected to the company general Network, to maintain the process under control.

We take care of what our customers need, and the benefits are countless.

Major benefits:

  1. Optimize production performances.
  2. Protect your people.
  3. Ensure goods quality.
  4. Keep costs down.

The predictive maintenance is the possibility to estimate future values of some quantities fundamental for the system using some mathematical models, it’s important because it helps us also to identify anomalies and potential failures in advance.

With this prediction we’ll have a reduction of maintenance costs of 25-30%, not only, but a correct use of this process can also offer savings of 8-12% compared to a preventive strategy and 30-40% compared to reactive maintenance.

In recognition of our successful sustainability efforts and innovative eco-friendly solutions, we have been awarded the EcoVadis Sustainability Gold Medal.


Engineered to ensure high productivity

Thanks to their quality Dynamix dispersers are designed to operate in critical industrial conditions. They represent the best choice regarding efficiency, reliability, and better quality/price level.


  • Long-life best in class components
  • Durable chassis due to stiffness-driven engineering instead of resistance-driven engineering
  • Soft speed regulation and peak power resistance due to top-brands frequency converterThe uniformity of the final product

DYNAMIX dispersers are designed and manufactured to process a wide range of product viscosity and density as required for your operations. State-of-the-art software integration enables Industry 4.0 capabilities for your processes now and in the future, delivering unprecedented benefits for the company that innovates.


An automated milling solution for operational efficiency and higher profitability.

Comec Dual Force is an immersion basket mill with double working power enabled by the independent movement of the grinding and mixing shafts.

The special design allows to optimize product circulation inside the vessel taking care of different flow behavior without hanging the grinding maximum allowed speed, with the ability to cut your batch cycle time by half, it is considered one of the most efficient and sustainable mills on the market.


  • Processing wide range of product viscosities
  • Milling time reduced up to 50%
  • Energy saving up to 40%
  • 30% less energy and less CO2 generation


New paint processing philosophy

Raw materials and energy prices are increasing durably, and companies must adapt to maintain their economic performance.
To adapt means, reduce fabrication cost and energy consumption to remain competitive: with Kynesis you can!

Kynesis is a high-tech dispersing equipment, is an eco-friendly continuous in-line disperser, born to increase efficiency and speed when making a powder slurry, it modernizes the rotor-stator principle.

The great strength of Kynesis is scalability: The Kynepilot unit allows laboratory formulation testing that is fully scalable to the production Kynesis unit.

Suitable in a broad range of applications, it’s born to increase efficiency and speed, lowering the energy bill up to 60%