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High efficiency manufacturing with Kynesis and Kynepilot

A game-changing technology


Kynesis is an high-tech dispersing equipment. As continuous in-line disperser working on rotor-stator principle Kynesis is suitable in a large range of applications and also re-vamping of existing processes. It offers an easy integration either in process for homogeneous distribution of solid particles in liquid (dispersion), either liquid in liquid (emulsions). Kynesis is developed during last decade to evolve 50 years Comec experience in traditional dispersers to competitive needs of today’s industry.

  • High flexibility and versatility to cover a wide range of products, viscosities and densities thanks to different possible configuration with a unique machine
  • Outstanding powder induction rate
  • Industry 4.0 ready (PLC inside, operator graphical interface, Ethernet connection)
  • State of the art software (intuitive touch interface, process KPI, predictive maintenance, cockpits panel)
  • 40% – 70% energy saving compared to a traditional disperser.
  • No Dust
  • Immediate dispersion during powder induction
  • Easy cleaning of the dispersing chamber and reduced dead-time between different batches
  • Up to 90% cleaning agent reduction compared to a traditional disperser
  • Scalability of results from one model to another in Kynesis family



  • Speed regulation by frequency converter
  • Mechanical seal auto-lubricated highest level on the market
  • Wide range of rotors and stators managing wide range of products (different viscosities, density, dispersion finess, etc.)
  • Components in contact with the product made of AISI 316, the rest AISI 304
  • High wear resistance treatments inside the process-chamber
  • Controlling sensors (chamber temperature sensor, flow sensor, etc.)




Kynepilot has dedicated process tank with integrated mixer for resins and liquid components, a small hopper for powder feeding, the necessary measuring equipment, internal piping, valves, pneumatic equipment and electronic control system.

The core part of the system consists of a powder wetting and dispersing unit that has been developed by revolutionizing the traditional Rotor/Stator principles.


  • Electronic speed variation with frequency converter
  • High flexibility and versatility to cover a wide range of products, viscosities and densities
  • Process scalability
  • Common database between Lab unit Kynepilot and Production unit Kynesis



  • Small foot print and movable skid with integrated electric board
  • From R&D to production
  • Small batch production
  • Innovative and user-friendly HMI
  • Easy cleaning of the dispersing chamber and pipes
  • AISI 316 pipes with clamp connections
  • 7 to 25 l batches
  • Recirculation tank equipped with cooling jacket, temperature control and stirrer