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MECMILL self-cleaning pressure-type immersion Mills are machines for grinding products with a high concentration of pigment such as pigmented pastes for tinting systems and products that are difficult to grind.

the milling machine mecmill

————————– ADVANTAGES

■ Easy flow adjustment according to the product
■ Extremely easy and fast cleaning: the self-cleaning system allows the transition from one tint to another without the risk of pollution and with an extremely small amount of washing liquid
■ Perfectly sealed milling basket able to prevent any solvent evaporation
■ Effective milling and easy cleaning thanks to the reduced space in the milling chamber
■ No need for surveillance


■ Steel bearing structure with anti-vibration reinforcements
■ Transmission by trapezoidal belts or coaxial
■ Milling tool composed by grinding shaft in coated steel made with impellers and special spacers in compound material
■ Cooled milling basket made of special wear resistant steel with double cooling jacket developed throughout the surface of the basket and the bottom and top of the ground product drain
■ Product filtering and unloading system for the optimal separation of the microspheres from the ground product, which eliminates the problem of residual microspheres
■ Volumetric feeding pump with adjustable output by mechanical motor variator
■ Radial mechanical seals for maintaining pressure inside the mill
■ Cooling water flow and consumption controllers
■ Vessel locking system:

  • Adjustable Belt, characterized by a support with adjustable saddles and tensioning ratchet. Possibility of fixing containers with different diameters
  • Fast Clamping, characterized by easy entering of the vessel, fast locking and high resistance to lateral loads. Manual locking clamps with safety micro-contact for machine start only when the container is blocked

■ Electronic speed variation with inverter
■ Also available in ATEX version


■ Thermometer with PT 100 probe mounted on the product output nozzle, connected to the thermostat with two adjustable set points for opening or closing the cooling water valve
■ Diaphragm pressure gauge with two adjustable set points for turning off the mill in case of unwanted overpressure or lack of suction product
■ Automatic thermostatic ON/OFF valve for cooling water placed in the back of the mill
■ Main shaft speed control inverter and power pump
■ Control and safety system for automatic operation


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