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Semi-automatic filling line

Veloce is a semi-automatic gravimetric filling machine used for small tins of water and solvent based products from 5 to 40 kg packaging. The dosing head can be applied directly on the tap by means of a quick coupling and it provides a precise and over time consistent batching, facilitating container washing operations. Made of anti-wear materials, it can also be used with abrasive products.

It can deliver up to 3 units/min.

Main advantages

  • Minimization of ready-made products stock
  • Great accuracy and dosing repeatability
  • Easy application of the dosing head to any container
  • Extremely quick and easy cleaning

Technical features

  • Aluminum plate housing a double-acting pneumatic piston with protective casing
  • Steel frame painted with epoxy cycle, swivel wheels and stabilizing feet for easy handling
  • Weight dosing station with machined cast aluminum head
  • Piston travel regulation system
  • Electrical or mechanical scale
  • Two-stage shut-off dispensing valve for roughing and finishing: Mushroom, Guillotine or Perfect (2 or 3 inches)
  • Quick coupling on perfect tap
  • AISI 304 stainless steel straight roller conveyor for cans and pails transportation
  • Batching start pedal
  • Control board for dosing management composed by a painted metal sheet electrical panel with cycle start button, valve opening button, emergency closure button and weight indicator
  • Also available in ATEX version


  • Accumulation hopper
  • Level control with float in AISI 304 stainless steel (in the presence of an accumulation hopper)
  • Anti-splash and anti-drop system
  • Stamping machine
  • Stapling pliers for closing the lid with wings

Technical data