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FULMINEA is a high-accuracy and high-speed automatic gravimetric filling line, tailored to each customer’s needs, requirements or product specifications.

It can deliver up to 12 units/min.

—————————————– ADVANTAGES

■ Innovative Technologies enabling 4.0 Industry (PLC inside, operator graphical interface, Ethernet connection) to optimize business processes in terms of management time, costs and quality
■ Continuous process control thanks to internal PLC
■ Total integration with the production flow and the company ERP
■ Efficient recipe management, high product repeatibility and reduction of production waste
■ Minimization of breakdowns and unwanted downtime by predictive maintenance indicator
■ Remote assistance for immediate customer support
■ Minimization of inventories of ready products
■ High capacity and flexible multiformat management. Unmatched quick format change (up to 9 different formats)
■ 110% process safety control
■ Extended working autonomy
■ Reliable buckets destapling
■ Enhanced ergonomic and robustness
■ Lids automatic translation and positioning


■ QC fiscal check weight station with NOT OK exit conveyor
■ Full remote control
■ Able to manage plastic and metallic buckets
■ Scale automatic lift for splash avoidance
■ Automatic feeding system for empty tanks
■ Automatic bucket format change
■ Cylinder for lifting of each weighing scale during filling operations
■ Automatic stacking device equipped with a 45° tilted self-centering arm
■ Control board for dosing management
■ Automatic buckets feed with 240 large buckets capacity and high ergonomic
■ Leakage protection by product collectors and collecting plates
■ PMC with dedicated hardware for easy data synchronization
■ Ready for palletizer interface
■ Workers occupation: 1 person
■  Also available in ATEX version

—————————————– ACCESSORIES

■  Accumulation hopper
■  Level control with float in AISI 304 stainless steel (in the presence of an accumulation hopper)
■  Anti-splash and anti-drop system
■  Stamping machine
■  Second dispensing valve
■  Automatic destacker for plastic or metal lids
■  Painted electro-welded steel conveyor that connects the outlet from the packaging line to the labeling phase
■  Label applicator on the cylindrical surface of the can
■  Palletizing cell


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