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Comec’s Way to Maximize Productivity

Complete Factory

This integrated system of various equipment guarantees a smooth production in a clean environment (no more factories full of ‘dust’). The automatic powder transport systems avoid the movement of many big bags (if connected to silos) and the accuracy of every batch is recorded by the equipment.


Targeted powders storage and transport systems for each type of ingredient

Aeromechanical conveyor for “critical” powders

  • Screw transport for fillers
  • Complex buffering system for big/medium consumption powders
  • Small pack breakers with direct dosing into dissolvers for low

volume ingredients

  • Dedicated dispensing stations for easy contamination products
  • Kanban/ticket management system on all semi-automatic

dispensing points


Cross contamination avoidance on wet components

  • Multiple dispensing station for additives
  • Pigged line on ready products from dissolver to buffer tanks


Full Integrated raw material refilling ID control

  • Personal badge matching
  • Barcode matching