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Qoncept Engineering

From Virtual to Real Factory

Smart solutions, feasibility studies and flow analysis integrating with new production technologies to improve working conditions, create new business models, increase productivity and quality in plant production, designing an Innovative Factory.

Over 20 years of in-house experience in building an integrated platform of solutions and programs for the industry, all coming together under a new banner QONCEPT.

It all started with basic feasibility studies and soon developed into groundbreaking end-to-end efficiency and plant optimisation tools known as the Qoncept Engineering program.

More recently the Business Analytics unit developed bespoke tools to integrate broader business metrics into engineering investment and optimisation, and the latest development has been the introduction of Artificial Intelligence benefits into the process providing unique insights and self-learning capabilities into the business and engineering mix.

  1. Feasibility studies
  2. End-to-end efficiency
  3. Planning and plant optimisation
  4. Return on investment Analysis and Modelling
  5. Artificial Intelligence capability

The tools within QONCEPT have been developed by a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable Engineers, Operations Specialists, Financial Partners all with a granular knowledge and experience of your industry.


Virtual Factory Engineering

  • Business model analysis
  • Project charter
  • Project & site classification
  • Process Control & Operation Management
  • Energy & Waste Optimization

Dynamic Modelling and Detail Engineering

  • Education Strategy & Risk Assessment
  • Function, cost & Risk Analysis
  • Commissioning & Start-up
  • Constructability

Designed for you, developed for your business.

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