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Wet and Dry Components

Storage and Transport

Dosing and transport of powders and liquids from Silos, Big-bags and sacks, to emptying systems, pneumatic transport, high quality buffer tanks, piping.

Powders Handling

Comec engineering develops highly customized Powder raw materials storage systems such as Silos, Supersacks unloaders, Bags splitters, designed to accomodate your consumption and production demand, as well as state-of-the-art transportation systems as aeromechanical-pneumatic screw conveyors and weighing hoppers.

Self-cleaning oriented technology, flexibility in batch management and serviceability are some of the key features we perform.

  • Silos and storage tanks for powders
  • Weighing hoppers
  • Manual bags splitters
  • Big bag stations
  • Pneumatic & Vacuum Conveying
  • Aeromechanical Conveying
  • Mechanical Conveying

Piping and Liquids Handling

Piping and tank farm design and pre-manufacturing are key element of the process plant. We develop state-of-the-art liquids handling systems including bulk tanks for resins, piping and rack of additives for high accuracy dispensing.

  • Silos for resins
  • Rack of additives, plastic or steel IBCs
  • Weighing hoppers for additives
  • Low residue and self cleaning equipment
  • Contamination-free and dust-free technology
  • Cleaning pigging systems