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Dromont Open House
16th – 30th September 2021

Examples of In-can All-in-one stirring station

We are proud to present our last innovations:

1-Automatic In-Can Filling+Tinting line fully dedicated to an E-Commerce business with an online platform designed for private consumers.

The system fulfills the entire process for high and low volume orders, starting from an empty pail though tinting, mixing, and sorting for shipment.

This Dromont innovative solution is linked to the Customer’s own E-Commerce and ERP system by a holistic approach. Our automated processes provide the flexibility to offer customization for each order, a measurable reduction in finished goods inventory, and a lower cost of direct and indirect labor while maintaining speed, accuracy, and traceability for each order.


  • Novel dosing processes, referred to as the ‘‘Sandwich Effect”, ensures quality and color accuracy by splitting the recipe to dispense Base à Colorant à Base which eliminates potential color issues resulting for trapping colorant in the corners of the lid while mixing
  • Dromont patented lid screwing robot station automatically closes ‘‘screw cap” (commonly used on bottles, jars and tubes)
  • Management of many different packaging sizes including rectangular and cylindrical containers.
  • New Cloud communication interface between Dromont software structure and Customer’s E-commerce platform

2- Fully Automated Sample Line

the ONLY ONE in the market, dedicated to R&D Department with the objective to process 8 fl.oz. sample jar with high precision, repatability and consistency. The line has been designed to address the need of frequently change the base material for Lab testing purpose.


  • New in-line Filling+Tinting dosing approach called ‘‘Sandwich Effect”: split of the recipe to dispense Base à Colorant à Base eliminating the unpleasant effect of having dye in the corners of the lid while mixing it. It improves your quality and perception to the end user, product fully homogeinzed.
  • Dromont patented lid screwing robot station for automatically closing ‘‘screw cap” (commonly used on bottles, jars and tubes)
  • In-line management of three high precision scales with 0.01grams readability for an unbeatable accuracy during dispensing
  • Easy clean base storage tanks for allowing quick and no contamination change over
  • Compact and with controlled noise level design for laboratory installation

We will be thrilled if you can participate to this Event. Please let us know the dates and our Experts will be available to show the Line.

If you cannot reach us, we can set up a conference call by Microsoft Teams.