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Comec consolidates its markets thanks to important International Exhibitions in Dubai and Moscow

Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

Project Description:
The company usually participates in trade shows and exhibitions worldwide, some to consolidate its market, others to acquire new customers and orders. We mainly participate in trade shows in the USA, Dubai, congresses in France, Portugal and Australia. The fairs included in the project are distinguished between the fairs in which one will participate to consolidate the already existing market, such as the one in Indianapolis, and those in countries where the markets are strongly growing such as Dubai and Moscow.
Target countries are USA, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

  • Indianapolis is our point of reference for sales in America: for this event we want to bring our new products and technological innovations to the attention of our importers and customers.
  • Dubai and Moscow are rapidly developing markets on which we hope to increase exports over the next three years.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic we had to review the project since it was only possible to participate in the Interlakokraska 2020 exhibition.

The objectives of the project are the consolidation on old markets and the acquisition of new markets and new partners, also relying on the advice of experienced collaborators in identifying commercial partners and new business opportunities for the US, Eastern Europe and Middle East markets.

The consultant’s experience and knowledge of the target markets was essential to get in touch with new potential customers, to get to know their needs and peculiarities in greater depth and, consequently, to expand our customer portfolio in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
Many of the contacts made have turned into real business opportunities above all thanks to the participation in the international fair Interlakokraska 2020, organized from 3 to 6 March 2020 in Moscow. The response to the event was very positive and allowed us to gain new contacts, as well as consolidating some already known. Thanks to his knowledge of the Eastern European market, the consultant’s intervention allowed us to realize some commercial opportunities that emerged during the fair. Between 2020 and 2021, four contracts with Eastern European customers were closed for an amount of almost € 400,000.00. Other contacts with important customers have been started, whose developments can be grasped in the medium-long term.
Due to the persistence of the epidemiological emergency, the travel restrictions implemented by the various countries and, more generally, due to the enormous difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it was not possible to participate in the Middle East Coatings Show 2020 in Dubai, and not even at the 2021 edition. However, the consultancy was important to carry out some videoconferencing meetings and to plan meetings with potential customers from the Middle East during the MECS 2022 fair, which will be held in Dubai from 14 to 16 June 2022. Some of the contacts materialized during 2021, the year in which orders were closed with four customers in the Middle East for an amount of over € 700,000.00, others we hope that they can be realized on the occasion of the Middle East Coatings Show 2022. For the next edition of the fair, n. 15 meetings.

Comec - Interlakokraska exhibition in Moscow