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DYNAMIX DC mobile vessel Dispersers are machines for low and medium viscosity products dispersion, engineered and manufactured to work in difficult industrial conditions. Equipped with a high-speed single shaft, also configurable with scraper and in vacuum version, they can meet every production need thanks to a wide range of engines up to 110 kW. This allows to manage products with viscosity from 1,000 Cp up to 300,000 Cp and in batches up to 3,000L.

—————————————– ADVANTAGES


■ Innovative technology enabling industry 4.0 that optimizes business processes in terms of management time, costs and quality

■ Continuous process control thanks to internal PLC

■ Total integration with the production flow and the company ERP

■ Efficient recipe management, high product repeatability and reduction of production waste

■ Minimization of breakdowns and unwanted downtime by predictive maintenance indicators

■ Remote assistance for immediate customer support

■ Special design allowing for an easy maintenance of the transmission system



■ Carbon steel supporting structure with anti-vibration reinforcements

■ Rectified and chromed steel telescopic head holder column

■ High thickness sheet metal head with anti-vibration reinforcements and pulley protection casings

■ Transmission by belt and pulleys

■ Hydraulic lifting unit with electric pump embedded in the command group

■ Shaft support with high performance ball bearings

■ AISI 304 stainless steel dispersion shaft

■ AISI 304 stainless steel Cowles or Turbo type toothed impeller for medium-high viscosity products dispersion

■ Height-adjustable impeller with head gliding during mixing

■ Different dust and liquid supply systems integrated in the lid

■ Vessel locking system:

  • Fast Dumping

Characterized by easy entering of the vessel, fast locking and high resistance to lateral loads. Manual locking clamps with safety micro-contact for machine start only when the container is blocked

  • Adjustable belt

Characterized by a support with adjustable saddles and tensioning ratchet. Possibility of fixing containers with different diameters

  • Double Centering Arm

Characterized by fork opening of the arms with automatic centering of the vessel under the dispersion impeller while the support saddles facilitate the correct positioning of the vessel. The worm screw with increased thread guarantees an easy opening and closing of the locking. High resistance to lateral loads. Possibility of fixing vessels with different diameters. Possibility of motorizing the opening and closing of the locking system.

■ Lids

  • Flat lid for multiple vessels diameters
  • Under-vacuum lid

■ Electronic speed variation with inverter

■ Also available in ATEX version

—————————————– FACTORY 4.0



■ Internal PLC for industrial process control

■ Intuitive operator touch interface

■ Ethernet connections


■ Wi-Fi operator control panel

■ Router for remote assistance

■ Latest generation MISURA software ERP

  •  Preventive Maintenace indicators
  • OEE indicators
  • Panel with digital pointers
  • Software interface with customer

—————————————– ACCESSORIES


■ Motorized internal scraper with opposite movement compared to the dispersion impeller, which can keep the vessel wall constantly clean, conveying the product to the central area even during the disareation phases

■ Safety clamps for vacuum version machines

■ Lifting column with external fairing

■ Vessel with cavities for cooling and with external insulation for heating

■ Reinforced extruder-ready vessel

■ Truncated cone-shaped vessel with reduced capacity

■ Servo-ventilated engine for main engine forced cooling

■ Product temperature sensor integrated into the shaft

■ Level sensor (Encoder)

■ Foam sensor

■ Safety pressure switch

■ Work cycle timer

■ Butterfly and ball valves for raw materials loading

■ Cup impeller, replacing Cowles impeller, in case of high viscosity and density products with quartz and sand

■ Integrated weighing platform system through base with load cells

■ Washing system (only in case of a rounded lid with lid-container locking clamps):

  • Rotating heads fixed on the lid
  • Motorized immersion lance with rotating washing head

—————————————– CONFIGURATIONS


F version: Single shaft, equipped with a height-adjustable lid G for dust and vapor-tight processing

RI version: Single shaft with an internal motorized scraper RI, equipped with a height-adjustable lid G for dust and vapor-tight processing

SV version: Single shaft, equipped with a height-adjustable rounded lid G for vacuum sealing SV

RI SV version: Single shaft with an internal motorized scraper RI, equipped with a height-adjustable rounded lid G for vacuum sealing SV

—————————————– TECHNICAL DATA


—————————————– APPLICATIONS


Paints, water-based paints, can coatings and inks

Thick coatings, Epoxy products

Glues, putties, sealants, adhesives,..

Plastic materials

Cosmetic products

Paints, can coatings and inks

Thick coatings (Epoxy,..)

Glues, putties, sealants, adhesives,..

Plastic composites



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